zoey quinn. www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5-51PfwI3M if you don't understand. May I have year attention please. May I have year attention please. Will the real Ede Q zoey quinn www youtube com/watch?v=C5-51PfwI3M if you don't understand May I have year attention please Will the real Ede Q
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zoey quinn

May I have year attention please.
May I have year attention please.
Will the real Ede Quinn please stand up?
I repeat.
Will the real Ede Quinn. please stand up?
We' re gonna have a problem here,
Yall act like yeu never seen a tumblr hoe before
all en the :) or like Five Guys stuck it in before
And started fucking my face verse than before
It' s the start ofthe "Ah. wait. way. kidding.
They didn' t just say what I think they did. did they?"
And Kotaku said, nothing. yeu idiots!
dead. mis tumbler and reddit (hahaa)
Feminist wemen Ieve Ede Quinn
Ede Quinn. I' m sick of her
Look at her. walking around sucking Phil' s
Fucking / "Yeah. and she lied five times tmpl."
Yeah. Ne got a couple of screws up in my head Leese
But verse. than what I did with Joshua Boggs in his wife' s bedroom
Sometimes. I just get en tumblr and just let Leese- but can' t SC) I pass a game off as good and let the bans Leese
Ijust have to lie and cheat to sell my games:
So I . SC) I fucked Nathan and fucked Brandon tee!
You think I give a damn about a /V/?
Half trolls can' t even find me- let alene dew me
But Quinn. what ifyou win. wouldn' t it be weird?"
Why? So I can ban yeu just to get good reviews?
So yeu can. sit me here next to my ex Eren?
Yo Shit. Gaben better switch me chairs
So I can sit next to Brandon and Robin the werst
And hear' em argue everwer I gave head to first
Little hitch. put my fake dew en /V/
Yeah. Jeshua' s cute. but I think he' s married. ."
I should upload his audio en MPA
And sheathe whale werld hew I gave him the XYZ
I' m sick outfitter and Kotaku. all yeu do is annoy me
So I have sent Nathan to and destrey yeu [heat]
And there' s a million of guys whe fucked me
Who came inside me: whe just den' t have commen sense like me
Who den' t like me: still call and give a dickie me
Sucking everyine off might be the next best thing but not quite enough fer mel.
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