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Infinity Mirror Illusion!


Infinity Mirror Illusion.<br />
Extremely simple concept with stunning results.<br />
The illusion may look complicated but it was really very easy to make.<br />
---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----<br />
Details of materials and construction for Infinity Mirror Illusion<br />
The sizes and measurements i've provided may not be 100% accurate. Feel free to experiment with your own materials and measurements.<br />
1 - 7&quot; Cardboard lid 1 1/2&quot; height<br />
1 - 9&quot; Cardboard lid 1 1/2&quot; height<br />
1 - 15 bulb LED light strand<br />
1 - 7&quot; diameter mirror<br />
1 - 1' X 1' 1/10&quot; thick plexiglass or real glass (whichever you prefer -- real glass will give a cleaner result)<br />
Take the 7&quot; Cardboard lid and mark a spot every 24 degrees on the outside rim halfway between the top and the bottom.<br />
That will create 15 marks around the lid for the LED's<br />
I used a hand drill to create the holes for the LED's. Make the wholes a little smaller than the LED's so that they'll fit snug<br />
Push the LED's into the hole. Push them in far enough so that they visible from the inside.<br />
Cut the bottom of the lid out.<br />
Glue the mirror in the middle of the inside of the 9&quot; lid.<br />
Place the 7&quot; ring with LED's into the 9&quot; lid. The small ring should sit directly on top of the mirror.<br />
Cut a piece of mirrored window tint and apply it to the plexiglass / glass. <br />
Attached the plexiglass/glass to the top of your lids.<br />
I used duct tape to hold the glass to the cardboard lids then cut black construction paper to cover the sides and back.<br />
I cut a ring out of silver construction paper and placed it on top to hide the duct tape.<br />
I used velcro to hold the battery back to the back or the top of the infinity mirror device.<br />
Good luck!<br />
I'm giving away the infinity mirror that I used in this video. <br />
Here are the rules:<br />
To be eligible to win you must:<br />
- Be subscribed to my channel<br />
- Thumbs up and favorite the video<br />
- Leave at least 1 comment on this video. The more comments you leave the better chances you have of winning.<br />
A winner will be chosen by randomly picking a number using a random number generator found on www.random.org<br />
The winner will be chosen within 2 to 3 weeks after the release date of this video.<br />
I will notify the winner by youtube message.<br />
NOTE: I created this infinity mirror with basic materials like cardboard and tape. I would classify the unit as fragile and could come apart easily at any time. The main advantage of winning the mirror would be to study the construction in order to create your own.<br />
I retain the right to cancel the contest at any time due to any reasons (legal or any unforeseen problem). I retain the right to modify the rules at any time during the contest<br />
(dont freak out about the above paragraph. I just have to cover myself)<br />
I am not responsible for any damage to the infinity mirror. I am also not responsible if the infinity mirror is lost in the mail.<br />
Thanks and good luck!

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