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TFS Episode 14

Episode 14: No Country For Old Namekians<br />
<br />
Cast:<br />
Lanipator - Kuririn<br />
LittleKuriboh - Freeza<br />
MasakoX - Goku, Gohan<br />
Antfish - Dodoria<br />
Hbi2k - Dr. Briefs<br />
Takahata101 - Village Elder &quot;Mouri&quot;, Dende<br />
KaiserNeko - Zarbon, Cargo<br />
<br />
Featuring:<br />
<br />
TehExorcist as Namekian Warriors<br />
WhipOfAlchemy as Panti (Mrs. Briefs)<br />
<br />
Songs:<br />
Cha-La-Head Cha-La by Kageyama Hironobu<br />
Shunsuke Kikuchi - Saiya-jin Kitaru<br />
Kenji Yamamoto - The Curtain Rises on the Battle<br />
Shunsuke Kikuchi - Kyoufu no Ginyu Tokusentai<br />
King Palmer - Holiday Playtime<br />
<br />
See new episodes on our website as well:<br />
www.teamfourstar.com/<br />
<br />
DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

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Submitted: 07/22/2010
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