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Legend of zelda (worth the watch)


Credit to brentalfloss<br />
LYRICS:<br />
------------------- -----------<br />
Do you recognize this music? ...Well duh!<br />
Why? <br />
'Cause it's the ************* Legend of Zelda!<br />
I'm an old man and this cave is my home<br />
Take this it's dangerous to go alone<br />
Now, Journey across a spooky land<br />
You hold in your hand <br />
a sword that shoots laser beams<br />
Won't you feel like a man, dressed up like Peter Pan,<br />
on a quest greater than your dreams!<br />
(Than your dreams, than your dreams, fleemy geemy deemy)<br />
Go, Link!<br />
From here to over there, you'll find Ganon's lair,<br />
C'mon it's your destiny!<br />
Trust the hero inside, but if you're terrified, purchase the strategy guide from me<br />
(Fourteen dollars, also tax, here ya go now)<br />
Zelda is helpless and distraught, but mostly she's hot<br />
So hurry!<br />
Just steady thy course,<br />
Go find that Triforce<br />
then take it by force!<br />
And maybe she'll touch your wang, touch your wang, touch your thang, rang-a-dang-a-lang<br />
Go, Link!<br />
Get your man on!<br />
Seek out Ganon!<br />
Go invade his barricade!<br />
Stick your blade in, save the maid 'n you just might get...<br />
laid!<br />
Woh-oh-oh-oh-oh<br />
It's dangerous to go alone...take this!<br />

Tags: legend | of | Zelda
Views: 840 Submitted: 07/19/2010