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Hot Boyz


It's always the right time to go look for hot boys. Original rap song from Bad Weather Films and YellowPaco.

Bad Weather Films

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Music produced by YellowPaco
Shot by Matt Moroughan
Costumes/Makeup by Katy Corlis

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Let's hit the town, let's find the boys
I'll be Barbie, he'll be Ken we'll be toys
Not too short, not too tall
Where's the hottest guys? Let's go to the mall!

Looking for a hot guy,
Who's gonna take me on a ride
Look at that cute guy over there,
Want to grab and pull his hair

Hot guy, twelve o'clock,
I'd like to suck his--Girl--
Stop saying that they're going to think you're a slut
Next thing you know you're gonna take it in the butt

Look who came out to play,
The girl who masturbates all day
Excuse me Jenny? You cross-eyed bitch!
Say that again I'll ******* rip off your tits!

We like hot boys
And boys that are hot (x3)
And if you're just not,
Then you are not hot

Alright, let's find a new place, let's go to the park
I heard hot guys go there before dark
White guys, black guys, love 'em all
Who's the prettiest betch of them all?

It's hard being single at 15
Gotta find the right guy to marry me
We'll be in France, he'll propose--
--Yeah right that's not how the story goes

You'll never find a guy that will marry you,
An old cat lady with nothing to do
Girls girls! This needs to stop
Two hot guys at ten o'clock

C'mon girls let's claim our men,
They'll be screaming our names before the end,
I wanna go first---No I wanna go first!
You ******* bitch!

We like hot boys
And boys that are hot (x3)
And if you're just not,
Then you are not hot

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Views: 440 Submitted: 09/20/2013