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Let me here your war cry


Our new hatchling gecko named "Spaz". She has an attitude! Yes, the screaming is normal as she JUST HATCHED so she's scared. This is a video showing their normal reactions and is in no way abusive. She is an Eclipse morph which does not always show "patterns" on the body, but they have partially blacked out eyes instead. She is hand feedable tame now is doing great. She no longer screams. Anyways, hope this clarifies some things.

Tags: baby | warrior
Views: 900 Submitted: 09/20/2013
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#3 - konradkurze
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(09/20/2013) [-]
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#2 - kaw
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(09/20/2013) [-]
give her some cheerios
User avatar #1 - doktorpaj
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(09/20/2013) [-]
She's very cute.