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Guardian Angel


In this video cuts came with recorders , mobile phones, video surveillance cameras .
In the sixth issue, you will see flying hoods , children running out into the street by a car , a drunk driver truckers , pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong or prohibited by a traffic signal , inadequate drivers on the road provoking accidents , drunk drivers , and more. The main video is the mother leads her son to school on the first ring , which is not looking at the sides almost got run over. The first bell rang for her before for her son. It is also striking to note the incident to the video out of China, where, during high winds and rain from a rock dropped a huge rock on the roadway. Miraculously, no one was hurt. And in all the episodes on the happy circumstances managed to avoid dire consequences . In this video you will not see the accident and terrible accidents . In the video, there is no standard vocabulary . Banned minors 18
At the end of the video is traditionally a question about traffic rules .
This video is a visual aid to the consequences of traffic violations , negligence and simple negligence on the road.
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