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Animal Friends: Floating Orange Cubes


This is the trailer for a children's book I wrote called 'Animal Friends: Floating Orange Cubes'. You can get the ebook versions for free here - You need to login to view this link (This includes EPUB / MOBI / PDF and PLAIN TXT files).

This animation was produced by the fine people at Sambo Media in Sydney Australia. If you are ever in need of any animation work done, you should check them out - You need to login to view this link

The youtube video above portrays and Elephant running through a television, falling out of the sky and then doing a poop on an unsuspecting Parakeet. FINALLY, the tables have turned and other animals can now poo on Birds! It's kind of a tie-in into one of the scenes in the book.

Here is the complete synopsis for the book:

When Abby question's her father Steve about his obsession with stockpiling fly spray, he sits her down and tells her the story that started it all.

Steve then proceeds to tell Abby the completely true story of Patrick the Cicada, an insect living in 1956 who (with the help of plenty of other animal friends) stands up to the biggest bully in the backyard, a Parakeet named Leslie.

1956 was monumental year in Australian history. It was the first year you could actually buy cans of fly spray. It was also the same year that televisions were introduced, and it was the same year the Olympics were held in Melbourne. Were all these events related to Patrick's story? SPOILER ALERT: Yes. They were. Why else would I mention them? Back then there were also these giant orange cubes floating way up in the sky, invisible to the human eye. But I don't have time to go into them right now.

This story is more than just an environmental hippy attack on people who spray fly spray all over the place. And it's more than an anti-bullying campaign. This is a story about the importance of family. This story is about sticking up for your friends, no matter what species you are.

EPUB, PDF and MOBI files of this story are now free to download from Rob's website.

All artwork supplied by the students at St Dominic's Centre for Hearing Impaired Children.

Written by Rob Towner.

Edited by Andrew Towner.

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