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Crazy! Out of Control Truck Soars Over


Amazing moment out of control truck jumps guard rail and launches off a highway overpass

An out of control truck launched over a Michigan highway overpass guard rail and crashed headlong into a creek below and Vine user just happened to document the shocking scene.

'Did I just f***ing witness this,' wonders user Alex Stack in the description of the short but unbelievable video she posted after driving beside the Friday incident. 'No f***ing way!'

Stack's disbelief is understandable. The careening truck and subsequent dive out of sight below the roadway is like something out of an action film, but the driver of this car sustained very real injuries.

The Lansing State Journal reports that the crash occurred along I-96 after the pickup first veered into the median and then became airborne before plummeting into Sycamore Creek below.

The driver, 59-year-old Kentwood man Mark Moerland, was 'extricated' from the car by fire crews and taken to a nearby hospital.

He was reportedly conscious and able to speak upon his rescue.

Doctors Tuesday evening said that Moerland suffered a fractured leg and lower back and dislocated ankle. He also suffered a partially collapsed lung.

Both eastbound and westbound traffic was briefly shut down following the accident.

Moerland is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Moerland suffered an unspecificied 'medical condition' just prior to losing control.

'It was soooooo crazy!' Stack tweeted Monday night as news began to spread of her unlikely video.

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