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Swedish Cop Car involved in a Drag Race


Swedish police have denied that one of its cars was involved in an illegal street race near Stockholm.
Spectators are shown lining the side of the road at Jordbrolänken, a road 15 miles south of Stockholm and known for its street races.

It comes as two people were injured in an accident on the same road on Saturday night.

The video - which is reportedly two weeks old - appears to show a police car moving alongside a grey Hyundai before they both pull away at speed.

Police smiled at the other driver and revved their engine, claimed a witness who spoke to Expressen.

Christian Agdur, police chief in Södertörn district, told the Swedish newspaper he did not think the officers had done anything wrong.

They had been on their way to another call when they came across the racers, Mr Agdur said.

He said the officers told him they had ordered the racers to leave and just happened to drive away from the scene at the moment the grey car moved off, with the edited film making it appear to be a race.

Despite the explanation, an internal police investigation will look at the incident.

Expressen publicerade i går en video som visar hur en polisbil deltar vid en streetracetävling.
Nu har poliserna i bilen lämnat sin förklaring.
-- Med den information jag har i dag kan jag inte se något formellt fel från deras sida, säger Christian Agdur, polismästare i Södertörns distrikt.

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