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Cattle mating and car accident in Russia


Every time we see a crazy dashcam video from Russia, we think to ourselves that this is possibly the craziest thing to be captured on film.... that only lasts till the next one we come across. This dashcam video, featuring a pair of mating bovines, from a Russian dashcam captures some serious "what the..." moments.

It's a short clip and the uploader has kindly enabled the slow-motion function. We're not sure what to be more amazed about. The fact that there are two cows in the throes of some serious passion while crossing the street, or the fact that the cow gets up like it's no big deal that she got rammed by an object twice her weight. Perhaps, it's the disapproving "moooooo" that the hot and bothered cow emits upon getting back up.

Either way, enjoy this clip and we're glad that this cow and driver walk away, seemingly unscathed. While you're at it, check out some more cow action from this cow tipping truck. And if you need some more dashcam wackiness, we can help with that.

Views: 935 Submitted: 07/14/2013