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George Zimmerman Walks Police Through


Days after the fatal 2012 shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman took police on a walkthrough of the events that occurred on that night of the shooting. While clips of that walkthrough had been released to media outlets last year, the tape had never been played in its entirety until Monday. In the tape, Zimmerman explains in his own words what happened moment by moment on the night he shot Martin.
n the tape, Zimmerman begins by showing police where Martin was walking and why he found the teen's presence in his community to be suspicious. Zimmerman said he called a non-emergency police line and proceed to tail Marin in his car before stopping the vehicle.

Zimmerman said he informed police that he needed a unit to assist him and gave his house address before getting out of the car to confront Martin.

Zimmerman recalled how Martin turned around to confront him and said "yo, you got a problem?" He said that he was reaching for his cell phone when Martin punched him in the face.

"Somehow, he got on top of me," Zimmerman said. "That's when I started screaming for help."

Zimmerman said he was having his head slammed no the cement sidewalk when he reached for his gun and shot Martin. Zimmerman said he got on top of him at this point and separated his arms, he says, in order to disarm him.

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