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The Little MermILF - "Under 18"


Disney Parody // The Little Mermaid parody // Under the sea parody

This is the short version of the Little MerMILF story.
You can find the full version at: youtu.be/-piIAfCNiuw

"Bob is a low budget porn director working on his latest creation - an adult version of 'The Little Mermaid"".
When he finds out that the movie's star- Ari-anal is under the legal age, this go out of control, but not in the way you would assume."

Nimrod Wiesel - Bob
Lihi Admon - Ari-Anal
Hagit GIlgal - Whore-Sula



Rohy Luzon - Posei-dong
Tomer Meirman - Prince Cummings
Nadav Shlomo Giladi - Eel 1
Tal Ben Yitzhak - Eel 2


Chen Zaidi - Chick with toys
Lital Mekler - Slutty mermaid
Sarah Monique Lake - Skanky girl 1
Ravid Gelfman - Skanky girl 2
Amber Kraus - Skanky girl 3
Lihi Luzon - Skanky girl 4

Technical team:
Avishai Givoni - Cameraman
Dominique Jude Gobey - Artgirl
Yoel Feuermann - Soundman
Jon Baker - Handyman
Roy De-Paz - Carrot


Omer Rosen - Writer and Director
Writing assiatnce from
Zach Golan
Lihi Luzon
Khalid Al Rafati - Photographer
Roy De-paz - Assistant cameraman
Yoel Feuermann - Sound
Lior Avidov - Light
May Radomir - Art
Amber Krause - Make up
Mari Liya - Fins design
Racher Bar - Producer on set
Eran Egozi - Production manager
Melisa Sukman - Clapper Girl

Helping hands:
Lihi Luzon,
Bina Rosen
Zuki Rosen

Set and Art

Yigal Golan - Shell constructing
Bina Rosen - Shell design

Accessories and art :
May Radomir,
Bina Rosen,
Eran Egozi
"HaPolania" sex store - "Adult Art"

Sound and playback

Liran Hasson - Music composer

Voice acting and singing:
Ohad Stolarz,
Lihi Admon
Nimrod Weisal,
Katie Rose Advocat,
Neta Shani Shulman Ehrenreich
Omer Rosen

Omer Rosen
With help of Gilad Deutsch

After Affect:
Dvir Ben Zvi
Matan Ben David
May Radomir
Omer Rosen,

Vlog editing
Maya Neuhaus
Hagit Gilgal

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