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Emily Wins Kayaking While 8 Months Preg


Even the announcer who joked that Emily Jackson looked "like she'd been in the beer tent too long" was blown away by her exhibition at the Payette River Games in Idaho. Scant weeks before her July 19 due date, the kayaker rocked enough loops and roundhouses (check her out starting at the 2:20 mark of the video) to win the freestyle event over world champion Claire O'Hara. "I was told by several doctors that as long as I was doing what my body was accustomed to that it would be safe for me and my baby," she said. Noted the commentator, "When her child says, 'I've been kayaking since before I was born,' it's going to be accurate."

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I salute her! Sure, she really should not have, but she wanted to do it, and she did it! Bravo, ma'am. Bravo.