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Neymar Sheds Tears at Final Game


Less than 24 hours after Neymar revealed he'll be leaving Santos for Barcelona this summer, he suited up against Flamengo for his final match with the club.

It was obviously a tough decision for the Brazilian starlet to leave his home country and the club that he's been playing with ever since he was inducted into their youth academy. His emotions got the best of him prior to the match, and he couldn't hold back the tears.

The 21-year-old will be joining the Catalans after this summer's Confederations Cup, and is set to sign the five-year contract on Monday.

Neymar chora na execução do hino nacional em seu jogo de despedida do
Antes do início do seu jogo de despedida com a camisa do Santos, Neymar que agora irá jogar no Barcelona se emociona e chora durante a execução do hino nacional brasileiro no estádio nacional Mané Garrincha.
Santos x Flamengo Despedida de Neymar Campeonato Brasileiro 26/05/2013

neymar cries in his farewell
neymar crying
neymar llorando en su despedida Santos x Flamengo

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