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Camel Tries To Eat Little Girl

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Kansas Toddler Overtaken by Zoo Camel. Camel-meal! Hilarious video shows moment camel tries to EAT a little girl at a drive-thru safari. It was more a case of hungry camel than hungry hippos at Kansas City Zoo recently - and one unfortunate little girl almost became lunch. A hilarious video has captured the moment a camel tried to gobble an adorable toddler as she sat next to her father while they traveled through the zoo's drive-through safari.

The dad, Tyler Inzer, was showing his daughter the animals when the camel stuck its head through the open car window and started innocently nuzzling the girl.

Both father and daughter seemed remarkably unfazed by the close encounter.

But, before long, the camel kisses turned to trouble and the creature opened its giant mouth wide around the child's small head.

At this point, the doting, if slightly reckless, father comes to his daughter's aid.
He calmly brushes the camel's head aside.

The camel, undeterred, comes back, this time reaching further into the car to give the dad an affectionate peck.

All the while, the little girl is giggling, not realizing that she, and her adorable curls, almost became a camel-meal.

The father then drives off and at first the naughty camel runs along beside the car before finally leaving them alone.

The parents will likely be more careful when visiting the zoo next time.

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