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SURF CITY, NC (WECT) -- Video from inside a taxi cab shows someone attacking the driver of the Surf City, NC cab driver. The attack happened early Sunday morning. The stamp on the video said it happened just after 1:00 Sunday morning on North New River Road between Third and Fourth Streets.

The video shows a passenger start to attack Charles Hawkesworth Jr, a cab driver with Island Taxi.
Surf City Police Chief Mike Halstead said warrants have been obtained against 30-year-old Gunnery Sgt. John Adam Kinosh.
Rex Bowen, owner of Island Taxi, told You need to login to view this link Sunday night that Hawkesworth has been released from the hospital and recovering at home. He said the victim suffered multiple fractures to his face and received about 15 stitches.

Island Taxi suspended operations Sunday, according to Bowen. He explained the business no longer provides shared rides, because of the incident.

"We used to pick up a couple people if they were all going in the same direction," he said.

Before the attack, the owner installed video cameras into all of his cabs to ensure the safety of his drivers and passengers. He said he's been in business for five years and this is the first time one of his drivers has ever been assaulted.

"It's disappointing that something like this would happen and I would have to change. We try to be a friendly business," he said.

Hawkesworth filed arrest warrants for the man who attacked him, according to Bowen.

"He is a danger," said Bowen.

According to Chief Halstead, Kinosh will be charged with two counts of assault inflicting serious injury and one count of communicating threat. He said the Marine checked himself into a psychiatric hospital and are waiting until he's released to serve the warrants.

Detective Claxton, the lead on the case, will be in the area Wednesday morning to review the case. According to the Surf City Police Department, Claxton will be able to decide based on evidence whether or not to take out felony warrants against the marine.

Police said Kinosh is assigned to Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command at Stone Bay. Bowen said the fact that the suspect is a Marine makes the situation even more disturbing.

"It just amazes me that the guy flipped the way he did . I understand he's checked himself into a mental institution to avoid prosecution. That bothers me even more," Bowen said.

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That's not funny. This is just tragic.