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Car Crash Compilation in Russia 06.04.13


The project AVtoCrashChannel is the result campaign to promote road safety.
The purpose of a documentary video to minimize the number of accidents. All accidents in this video is not lethal and displayed for educational purposes only.
Use this video as a teaching tool.
Video is not recommended for viewing women and children (under 18), and those with unstable mentality.
Join to survive and save more!

Views: 1468 Submitted: 04/06/2013
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#2 - anon
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(04/06/2013) [-]
odd how all the people on the streets are like

oh. another one.

and they don't even care
#1 - anon
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(04/06/2013) [-]
at first i was like

today is the 6th you stupid ****

then I realized.... I'm American