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MEANWHILE Season 1 Episode 1


What does it take to win an Oscar in Hollywood?... "All My Children" star, Chrishell Stause, hates waiting and hates missing the party even more... Sam entrusts his co-worker, Daley, with an intimate secret.

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an APAC Pictures Production
Directors: Ben Wells, Cole Smith
Writers: Jesse C. Boyd, Evan Gamble, Ben Wells, Chrishell Stause
Producers: Cole Smith, Bob Salatich
Cast: Chrishell Stause, Evan Gamble, Ben Wells, Jimmy Dinh, Stacey L. Johnson, Nina Rapsys, Cole Smith, Viola Sator, Fiona Domenica, Tiffany Connor, D. Anthony Boone, Sara Variel, Lauren Bentle, Nate Pilate, Jamie Lynne Campo, Angela Harger, Jenn Magrann, Meryl Helman, Jesse C. Boyd, Leslie Watkins, Matt Portman, Bella Zingale, Christine Rapsys, Steven Dunn
Director of Photography: Bob Salatich, Ben Wells
Art Director: Cole Smith
Editors: Ben Wells, Bob Salatich, Evan Gamble
Motion Graphic Designer: Ben Wells
Associate Producers: Jesse C. Boyd, Evan Gamble
Music Composer: Ryan Rapsys
Production Manager: Jenn Magrann
First Assistant Director: Jesse C. Boyd
Sound: Emily Flemming, Izzy Roos, John Rieman, Najj Navo, Aaron Howles
PA: Stacey L. Johnson, Viola Sator, Evan Gamble, Steven Dunn, Rose Hurley-Weitz
VO Session Director: Brad Rounds
"Trash Em's" diaper designer: Chrishell Stause

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