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Justin Bieber Paparazzi Fight In London


Justin Bieber Attacks London Paparazzi

Justin bumps into a Paparazzi outside a London hotel whilst being escorted out by his security team. The Pap then starts to claim "That's Assault!" and hurls insults at Bieber as he gets into his vehicle.

As the Paparazzi continues to fling insults and slurs telling Bieber to "F**k Back To America" - Justin then jumps out of the vehicle to challenge the Pap to a fight. Justin Bieber's security team quickly usher him back into the vehicle with blacked out windows.

This is the end to a controversial week in London for Justin Bieber. Parents protested after Bieber turned up on stage to one of his shows two hours late.

Views: 1053 Submitted: 03/09/2013