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Cop Punches Woman In The Face FOOTAGE


New Jersey Cop Punches Woman In The Face Outside Nightclub
Police in Elizabeth, New Jersey are investigating shocking footage which appears to show a police officer punching a woman in the face during a brawl outside a nightclub.
The 20-second clip was placed onto YouTube on March 3rd entitled, 'Woman punched in the face by cop during brawl at club envy NJ' and was recorded outside the popular Envy Night Club in the city.
The footage has been viewed more than 6,000 times and in the cell phone video, the officer seems to emerge from the crowd to arrest a man but instead strikes a woman who tries to intervene.While the circumstances behind the video are not known or clear, Emerging from the crowd, a man walks away from the crowd and begins to wipe his face.
At the same time a police officer walks around the side of the group and walks up to the man and tries to grab him in the face.
The woman, dressed in a red and black dress attempts to grab or stop the officer who then reels back and proceeds to punch her in the face.
On Tuesday, the Union County Prosecutor's office referred all questions to the Elizabeth Police Department - who would only say an unnamed officer was being questioned.

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