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-Call of Duty MW2/3 and Black Ops 2

If you want a description of the classes I use(d), just ask and I will list them.
I picked up FarCry3, might do a video or two on that, take a break from CoD.
Unless you guys want another CoD video, and then just tell me what you want in the comment box.
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Views: 587 Submitted: 03/04/2013
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(03/04/2013) [-]
your call of duty skills are kinda impressive dude i'll give you that the montage is okay but the skill and everything in some of the clips were about average. it's probably on par with what i can do on the game im not saying make a montage of quickscopes cos i hate it with a passion when people do it online ( do it in a private match or something ) and also i understand you want to show off your achievements of making a somewhat decent video but alot of people aren't coming on here for this... not trying to be a hater just giving you a heads up :) i wouldn't mind seeing a few more personally if you push yourself harder to do better or even clips of flukey awesome kills ( even accidental suicides ) something damn right stupid to make people laugh :)