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Partying Sober Vs. Drunk


Jimmy Tatro : twitter.com/JimmyTatro

Directed by:
Christian A. Pierce: twitter.com/ChrisChinPierce

Written by:
Christian A. Pierce
Jimmy Tatro

Filmed by:
Jonathan Kaplin

For the shirt I'm wearing:
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For the bottle I'm chugging:

Also starring:
Nick Johnson
Chet Cleator
Avery Wagner
John Angotti
Spencer Heath
JD Cutri
Mike Kosturos
Colin Wade
Gabi Ibarra
Victoria Prugo
TJ Dalton
Bree Miller
Chase Brantley
Marie Cox
Whitney Dilday
Karen Purkey
Robby Tartre
Taylor Grewe
Cristina Rodriguez
Nikki Fife
Max Ruckle
Kasra Sabery

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