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How To Achieve and Maintain A Better Sex


Professor Puppet and Aria answer another viewer fan mail today. What can you do to bring the heat back into your relationship? This is a very common frustrating issue between couples who are in a long term relationship especially when one or both become too relaxed and comfortable. And some times we tend to lose our Je ne sais quois. It's something in us that our partners like during the first time. This happens when we get too busy taking care of our obligation and job and tend to forget to take care of our physical appearance. We may not look like what we were before during the courting stage of the relationship.

And so one great way to spark the heat up again is to try rekindling romance with your partner. You've got to tell him or her about the issue and to always maintain an open channel of communication. Going to gym, dinner out, movie date, or trekking the great outdoors could really make those muscles burn out the fat and revitalize those sleeping pheromones. These are great ways to stare your focus away from always thinking about sex and try appreciating the other so many beautiful facets of life. You will never know that these activities could really help transform into a better you inside and out and not just sexually.

Views: 2015 Submitted: 02/20/2013