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Amazing Trick Shots


We're back! Illinois Illness has done it again, something that has NEVER been seen in the history of YouTube. We proudly present, 50 WAYS TO MAKE A HALF COURT SHOT. We put together a basketball video that all basketball players would be proud to watch. Please like and subscribe and share your thoughts with us and we would greatly appreciate it! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter: cdenecke1 NJDrisk2 IllinoisIllness

Hope you enjoy!

The music we used in this video is from SADIKBeatsTV and we are using the music for entertainment purposes only. Here is the link to both songs:

Under US Copyright Laws: Title 17 Code 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use; This video is to be used for Non-Profit Educational purposes. The rights of the material used in this video belong to their respective owners

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Man, dont ya just love adobe aftereffects