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Gone WILD!


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an APAC Pictures Production
Directors: Bob Salatich, Jesse C. Boyd
Writers: Bob Salatich, Jesse C. Boyd
Producers: Cole Smith, Bob Salatich
Cast: Evan Gamble, Jesse C. Boyd, Nina Rapsys, Bob Salatich, Ben Wells, Stacey L. Johnson, Najj Navo, David Barnes, Cole Smith, Fiona Domenica, Brent Falco, Viola Sator, Leslie Watkins
DP: Bob Salatich
Asst. Camera: Leaf Belviz
Set Design: Viola Sator
Prop Master: Scott Leverett
Editor: Bob Salatich, Jeff Picarello, Corrine Theis
Associate Producers: Jesse C. Boyd, Evan Gamble, Ben Wells
Assistant Director: Racquel Fouche, Cole Smith
Sound: Ben Wells, Kiersten Swete, Ryan Rapsys
Music Composer: Ryan Rapsys
Intro Graphics: Steve Jacobson
Intro VO: Cedric Yarbrough
Special Thanks: Ithaca College, Home Depot, Griffith Park, Jed Bernard and kitties
© 2013 APAC Pictures

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