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Wake Up Sheeple by Alex Jones


Song Lyrics

Nothing really makes sense to me & I find it hard to think
Cos of all the flouride in the water that the Guvmint made me drink
And the hormones in the food we eat are making people gay
So i got my bullhorn and left the house cos I had something to say

I believe in America and America believes in me
And im gonna try to save her from this evil tyrrany
When I see gays holding hands it makes me physically sick
Our Presidents a Kenyan Muslim ******* us with his big black dick

No matter how much I scream & shout "Wake Up You Filthy Scum"
"I've got the secret documents & they're gonna kill everyone"
"Chemtrails, Flouride & Vaccines have made people too dumb
to see 9/11 was inside job and they're coming to take you Gun"

They faked the Moon Landing & Global Warming is a Fantasy
Thats why Piers Morgan **** his God damn pants on live TV
Our President is just a puppet chosen by the Illuminati
His name is Barry Soreto & his birth certificate's a forgery

Every thing thats ever been on the news & every scientific fact
It's all just propaganda & another false flag terror attack
The biggest real threat cant be proven or even seen
Until you brainwashed sheeple wake up from your American Dream

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******* attention whore