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Morbid for Yugopotamians


In 2007 we had a mother ferret who gave birth in our shelter. Unfortunatly, when the pups where 1 to 2 weeks old she started biting them death. So when the pups where 4 weeks old we raised the pups by hand. (Before that they where just to to small.) In this clip I am playing with Aika (Wildcolor female) when she was 39 days old. She also had a brother (Damian, wildcolor male) and a sister (Finn, sandy female).

Als note that this is NOT a normal sized 39 day old ferret pup. She was way too small for her age. We had another litter of 3 puppies a year before, but those pups where this size already at 2 weeks old. (The pup in the video did grow up to a normal sized adult ferret.)

Also plz. don't post responced that I should call them kits. I am from the Netherlands, and here we call them pups. Also the audiance group I have for my account is Dutch, Belgium, German, Great-Britain (EU). I love the have an audiance from all over the world, and I am happy that you enjoy watching my movies. But plz. let me use my own names, and how the Dutch are prefer to call them. Over all, cultural diffrences are something great!

### 11 November 2012 ###
I decided to disable the comments again. As I did before. The reason of this is because about 40% of all comments posted are ones that tell me I should call them kits. As said before. I am NOT am American. And I think I should be able to use Dutch names too on the internet. As the internet is International. Nobody owns it. And I also don't like it when people say I can only use the names of a certain foreign country. Yes, for me the USA is a foreign country.

I am sorry for the people who did post nice comments. Hope eveyone still likes watching this video.

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