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FLASH NEWS: Helicopter Crashes in London


Two people have been killed when a helicopter hit a crane in central London, crashing into two cars as it fell to the ground.
Witnesses said the aircraft cartwheeled out of the sky after it smashed
into a crane on St George Wharf Tower, in Vauxhall, amid heavy fog, then exploded into flames.

Burning wreckage and aviation fuel covered the road and people have reported seeing cars on fire and hearing people scream.
Pictures showed flames and a huge column of black smoke at the crash site just off Wandsworth Road near South Lambeth Road.

Firefighters say the crane is now in a "precarious" position.

It is not clear how many people are involved but sources say there
was only one person aboard the aircraft, which is believed to be an
Augusta 109.
The London City Airport in Docklands had delays earlier in the day due to poor visibility.
Witnesses said at least 22 fire engines were at the scene, as well as police and ambulances.

Aviation expert Chris Yates told Sky News that any tall structure must
have a warning light on top to alert pilots. The question is, he said,
whether there was a warning light on the crane and whether the pilot
would have been able to see it in the foggy conditions.

The accident happened close to a railway line and train services were
briefly suspended but are now running in and out of Waterloo station.
Vauxhall station is closed.

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