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Derping it up in TL2


Episode 3 of our Torchlight 2 lets play, here we venture to Plunder Cove!, enjoy!

Hey guys this is me and four friends playing Torchlight 2 and seeing what all the hype is about! This Lets Play Series May Refer Strongly To Diablo 3 Because we need to make a comparison. Here we venture to Plunder Cove!, enjoy!
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These videos are a bit on the noobish side at the moment but i suspect that they will get more serious as time goes on, but with boomslang around, being serious may be a very difficult thing to achieve.
Channels for all involved people below:
http://www.youtube. com/user/BoomSlay/videos?view=0
http://www.youtube. com/user/RagePapaSmurf/videos?flow=grid&view=0

Views: 1869 Submitted: 01/13/2013