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How I feel about England right now.


I just want to call myself English have a English Anthem a English Parliament and a day to celebrate England.
Every nation has a day of independence a day or a day to celebrate their patron saint. England does but it is not recognized by the state.
Every nation has a anthem England has many, countless anthems to choose from but none are recognized by the state. Scotland Northern Ireland and even little Wales have their own anthems but England is not allowed. Even English counties have official state recognized anthems but England itself do not. When the English go to sporting events they sing the anthem of the united kingdom not that of England.
Both Scotland Wales and Ireland have parliaments or assemblies. England has neither.
Yes the English elite rule the United Kingdom but the English people gain nothing. I don't want independence from the UK but from Brussels. I I just want England to be recognized as a nation outside of the sporting world. It is England that suffers from the United Kingdom not Scotland. I just wanted to add this somewhere. That's all. I do not see it as Racism to be patriotic and wish for correct representation. I lived in India for a time I love and feel proud of the commonwealth my only issue with immigration is mass unregulated migration from eastern Europe can this be called racism? I think not.

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Views: 1843 Submitted: 01/08/2013