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Industrial Permanent Lifter


Magnus Lift

Industrial Style Permanent Lifting Magnets!

Ease and speed up your work load today, with our Magnus Lift Permanent Lifting Magnets! Our industrial style magnets are able to lift up to a 10000kg heavy metal loads, and can assist you in their safe relocation at your work site! As Magnets possess a unique quality of attachment and attraction of metal ions, magnet powerful, deburring solutions, chain lifting the rewards of efficiency and operating economy of owning a MagnusLift are instant!

Magnus Lift magnets are able to lift and transfer metallic (steel/iron) of a weight up to 10000kg without any additional helping accessories or damage to the surface of your material! Install & Operate them instantly, they are more safe, more reliable and more sturdy than other similar purposed handling devices!

Views: 1251 Submitted: 01/08/2013