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The fact that it's nickel is irrelevant, it's the fact that it's a really hot ball of metal. When it is submerged, it evaporates the water around it so quickly that the steam creates a layer of gas around the ball. This is called the "Leidenfrost effect" you can use it to pull off another "magic trick"...

Melt a small vat of lead to 850 degrees Fahrenheit (~450 Celsius), dip one of your fingers in water and quickly dip said finger in the molten lead. The water on your finger will create a barrier of steam to protect your finger from the molten lead. There's only a little bit of water on your finger and the lead is really hot, so the barrier will only last a fraction of a second, so you can't have your finger in the lead for longer than a second.

Myth Confirmed: mythbustersresults.com/mini-myth-mayhem
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you can counter that effect by using brine water
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Well damn.

******* bronies getting their **** together.
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That's my daily transmute done.
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I swear those are the weirdest sound effects for what happened.
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sounds like a pokemon of gen 5
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Interesting AND it's posted in the correct channel, thumb for you OP.
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what is this wizardry
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