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Free copy of chivalry giveaway! :)


Hey guys were having our first giveaway (Chivalry on steam). We are doing this because we would like to thank the community for all the support it has given us. It has been much appreciated. You have help us to get to almost 50 subs and almost 8000 views!!!

So here are the RULES
1.Have to be a subscriber
2.Have to leave a comment
3.Have to let us know your steam ID
4.Have to have steam lol
5.Must have PC

The announcement of who will win will be in either 1 or 2 weeks and it will be announced live on Rbz gaming teamspeak server I will record it and upload it to youtube also. (if you dont want to go on teamspeak)

The contest will be over Saturday january 5th 8pm Uk time and 3pm(EST)

Thanks guys Sub to help us out and maybe get a free game

Views: 1512 Submitted: 01/04/2013
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