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#2 - contaminatedwin (12/31/2012) [-]
That Rihanna part finished me off!
That Rihanna part finished me off!
User avatar #5 - godtherapist (12/31/2012) [-]
"Barbie started out as a Pristine Virgin" - HAHAHAHAHAHA

Barbie was modeled off of a dutch sex doll.

This was funny. But not front page material.
User avatar #4 - fuzzum (12/31/2012) [-]
The only reason this is funny is even though she told him to stop calling you can hear her starting to laugh at his jokes and other thing which compounds the funny.
User avatar #3 - fcukyourcouch (12/31/2012) [-]
hahahahahaha holy **** .
#1 - anon (12/31/2012) [-]
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