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User avatar #10 - jpford (12/21/2012) [-]
the army doesnt have chiefs, theyre just called warrant officers
User avatar #11 to #10 - kaslin (12/21/2012) [-]
WO-5 is called a Chief Warrant Officer.
User avatar #16 to #11 - jpford (12/21/2012) [-]
so is cwo-1 cwo-2 cwo-3 cwo-4 theyre all chief warrant officers but a chief is a navy e-7
User avatar #17 to #16 - kaslin (12/21/2012) [-]
WO-1 through 4 is just refered to as Warrant. I got yelled at for calling a WO-4 Chief and a 10 minute smoke session at a fuel depot kept it in my mind.
But you're right about the Navy, CPO is the equivalent to an Army SGT First Class.
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