Quick Reflexes Can Save Your Life


This incident could have ended, worse...much, much worse.
Luckily, the driver had quick reflexes and turned the wheel to avoid both the truck and a car coming from behind it, simply scraping the bumpers of his vehicle.

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Submitted: 12/14/2012
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The sad part is that, despite this driver's great ability, the impact with the 2nd vehicle is still technically his fault. His insurance will have to be charges for the other driver to be compensated.
I was in a similar situation, a truck came over the line and when I dodged it I slid my bike (cbr 954) sideways into another vehicle.
I was nearly stopped so no damage to my bike and the only damage was where my footpeg scraped her door paint a bit but she wanted to go through insurance and ended up getting a whole bunch of paint work done for free...
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