D&D Parody


The first of (hopefully) a few fun skits that a few friends and I decided to put together. We're all avid D&D players, and we've all played PC versions of D&D. In this particular case, we decided to play off the that god-forsaken voice in the Baldur's Gate series that states "You Must Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth".

All the swords we used and will use are from Swords of Might ( You need to login to view this link ).

Music (in order):
Baldur's Gate II Main Theme (/watch?v=i386oNPE24)
Narsilion (?) (/watch?v=Q8vdGhwL-DA)
Baldur's Gate II Waukeen's Promenade (/watch?v=lcHnqodZoJM)
Baldur's Gate II Forest Battle I (/watch?v=Ez
Neverwinter Nights Main Theme (/watch?v=gb133m

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended with use of music and sound. All music used is linked in the description, and is in no way shape or form owned or made by anybody associated in the making of this video. No profit is being made off this video. All music except for the lute playing is, as far as the makers of this video are concerned, owned by Bioware. We do not own or have any rights to the loading screen, which was taken from Bethesda's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. We do not claim to have made or have taken any part in making or owning that loading screen.

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