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This Should Be An Official Ad


Without their manes, tails, eyes, etc. to identify them, each of the mane six are built on the same stock model. So how are they so vividly, unmistakbly unique in all our minds?

Inspired by a great editorial on The Round Stable by Headless Horse
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Twilight, the powerfull yet neuotic bookworm, Rainbow Dash, the brash cocksure speed demon, Fluttershy's gentle shyness and overall fear of being noticed, powerful Applejack, party-time Pinkie Pie, Rarity's love of the spotlight... Charaters all brought to life so vividly through animation and personality. Personality I tried to emulate through the basic shapes and elements that make up each character.

And thank all you out there for showing that there's still people who care about heart. Love you guys.

Music is by Cubesato from Takuya Hosogane's Motion Reel
Direct Link (Since he's removed it from his Soundcloud)

Views: 10550 Submitted: 10/25/2012