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What about my right hand?


A song for Bernd

You know that feel when no gf right?
That lonesome feel when you sit there infront of your computer.
and you're browsing through the pictures of that one girl
that one special girl
that you might even love
but you will never have the balls to ask her out
or approach her or even look at her
sometimes when you see her at the other side of the streets
you take out your phone and pretend you're looking at your emails so she doesnt see you
that feel when you will never approach her and never talk to her
it's called that feel when no girlfriend
that feel when no girlfriend,that feel when no girlfriend,that feel when no girlfriend, (delay)
forever alone
is not a state of mind but
it's you
never had a girlfriend
right now you are 18 or 16 or even 24
it doesn't matter because you are only a few years away from wizard...from being a wizard
but deep down in your soul you know youre a good human yoru're a good soul but still she the one the girl you seek so much
you think shes a nice person
well I don't know
but then suddenly you check your facebook status and you see that shes toghether with that son of a bitch
that cocksucker
that fagget
he doesn't deserve her
******* asshole
stealing my girlfriend
she loves him and they're toghether for good
maybe they're going to marry maybe they're even going to have kids
but you saw all of that
because the internet, your best friend, ist still there and you watch everything she does.
stop doing it, stop following her. because shes not worth it probably.
maybe there is still hope
some day you will find here
but its not her its someone else
one day its gonna be good
just dont think about it too much
I wish you all the best in the future Bernd
Hopefully everything will turn out good for you
im sure
all the best

I don't know if it was here already, didn't check funnyjunk for a while...

Somehow, this song makes me feel sad...

Tags: hahah | Loser
Views: 413 Submitted: 09/29/2012