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#2 - anon (09/21/2012) [-]
Is it possible to get a seizure from laughing so hard? Cause Holy **** , I'm in pain.
#1 - dadadadavis (09/21/2012) [-]
I can not stop ******* laughing at this..
User avatar #3 - tankeruber (09/21/2012) [-]
Oh god, i think i have internal bleeding from the laugther.
#5 - deesu (09/21/2012) [-]
That is literally the funniest thing I have seen all day.
That is literally the funniest thing I have seen all day.
User avatar #9 - runtubbyrun (09/22/2012) [-]
>hard ass day
>really pissed off.
>friend broke his leg at pep rally, had to be rushed to hospital, everyone is angry at him cause pep rally for our senior year had to be cancelled, stand up for him, get **** for it
>three tests in AP classes
>father comes home and calls me a diva cause i had a hard day and it was showing
>step mother sees me angry and says "oh what'd i do this time. what'd i do oh so wrong to make you upset?"
>ex texts me shoving her new relationship down my throat
>really rage-y
>sister says im a moron cause i wasnt in all 5 honors throughout high school, i was only in four, basically insulting my intelligence
>so much rage i basically develope hemorrhoids just so they can flare up from rage
>get on internet, laptop crashes before i can get to fj
>ragequit... not really. just angrily storm to another computer and get on fj
>face red as hell
>watch video
>cry laughing. day made.

thank you asian man.
User avatar #20 to #9 - whjason (09/22/2012) [-]
I'm touched... I'm glad I took a small part of making a crappier than crap day better for you. I'm sorry for what happened to you today. Take it easy, bro.
#6 - anon (09/21/2012) [-]
holy ******* **** . i lost it at 2:40.
User avatar #13 - kittaygal (09/22/2012) [-]
i lost it at "omlet eggo"
User avatar #15 to #13 - jdboi (09/22/2012) [-]
I lost it at there too, and the 2nd "cheese us take the wii"
User avatar #16 to #13 - jdboi (09/22/2012) [-]
Strike that, I'm losing it when he's going all passionate
User avatar #18 - turtlefucker (09/22/2012) [-]
As a homebrew musician, all I can do is be jealous of his recording setup.
User avatar #7 - DaBullshiter (09/21/2012) [-]
Don'\t even know the actual lyrics and still completely lost it at the "cheezus take the wii".LMAO man.
#27 - thebrosiah (09/22/2012) [-]
i love this ...... Omelet Eggo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this ...... Omelet Eggo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#22 - Kirbyman (09/22/2012) [-]
Don't Worry, Cheezus got this **** .
#23 to #22 - whjason (09/22/2012) [-]
Here, take my Wii.
#21 - anon (09/22/2012) [-]
So this is is what we sound like to Koreans when we sings Gangnam style
#19 - anon (09/22/2012) [-]
I peed my pants.
User avatar #14 - HarvietheDinkle (09/22/2012) [-]
You know how people say "this is the funniest thing I've ever seen?"
Usually it's an exaggeration.

#17 - anon (09/22/2012) [-]
I lost it at "lawn I mowed". Thank you for bringing funny back into Funnyjunk.
User avatar #12 - extralie (09/22/2012) [-]
this must be what i sound like when i try to sing any other lyric besides the "eeey sexy
lady" part in gangnam style...
#8 - MrAsdf (09/22/2012) [-]
the tags
the tags
#26 - orangepikmin (09/22/2012) [-]
User avatar #25 - marlkarxthethird (09/22/2012) [-]
This has inspired me to post Cletus Take the Reel.
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