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User avatar #31 - jokeface (09/20/2012) [-]
Seriously. ******* ...seriously. What the **** .

One of my friends told me he's planning to camp out for the new iPhone. And he was serious. This kind of ******** makes me want to just start killing everyone. The human gene pool has been so contaminated with idiots that there's no hope for the race anymore.

I can understand camping out for a movie or a concert or something where there's a limited supply of tickets or something. But this is complete ******** . Everyone is trying to get their iPhone first as if Apple is gonna run out of them. First of all no, Apple will not run out of iPhones, ever. Secondly even if they did, the smart thing to do would be to pre-order it online, wouldn't it? Hell, you could order it online from your iPhone 4 which is still perfectly functional.

Actually the smartest thing to do would be to just not buy an iPhone, number one because Samsung products are indeed superior in functionality and cost way less, and number two because Samsung doesn't re-release the same goddamn thing every year and pretend it's something special.

Apple, I know you probably don't browse FJ and might never see this, but on the off-chance this comment comes up when your marketing team is doing its sweep of websites that mention your products, I want you to know that while I get a lot of use out of my 2nd-generation iPod Touch, I find the rest of your corporation arrogant, suffocating, and detestable. You are contributing to the zombie apocalypse by turning everyone in our generation into a mindless douchebag who can't wait to suck your 4-inch-long, 1136 x 640-pixel cock. Please go die in a fire.
User avatar #139 to #31 - hardtuner (09/20/2012) [-]
my brother wants the new iphone... even when i told him it's **** and that he should get the samsung. hell i even said that he should get a nokia before EVER buying an iphone.
User avatar #42 to #31 - deerdevil (09/20/2012) [-]
Hey bro, i stole your comment and posted it on the Apple FB page, just a heads up !
User avatar #90 to #42 - machlah (09/20/2012) [-]
Post a link will ya?
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User avatar #159 to #42 - chewgum (09/20/2012) [-]
Which one did you post it on? Because I didn't see it
User avatar #491 to #42 - jokeface (09/20/2012) [-]
Really? Damn, thank you. I'm flattered.
User avatar #321 to #31 - kaitheguy (09/20/2012) [-]
Yeah, the only apple products I've ever owned and plan to ever own are the ipod nano 1st or 2nd gen (not sure) and ipod touch. Both of which are great devices, but i would never buy again especially after the same exact thing is released in a different shape or size every year. I've gotten my hands on all of the iPod models and Iphone models (not counting 5) and quite a few macs, all i can say is, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! no special features really. iPhone and iPod touch can barely multitask while my cheap android can. Apple products are not worth the buy.

I feel the same way about Beats by Dre. I got a pair as a gift last year, and they're just like any other headphones but extremely bass heavy, and I will admit, stylish. But, I also believe that they are extremely overrated and overpriced, just like Apple products simply because of the name. I would not buy again.

Apple products are severely overpriced and ****** compared to the competition products, buy something else. They're just trying to get money out of their hypnotized hipster whores.
User avatar #483 to #31 - ccamp (09/20/2012) [-]
yo ipod touch 2nd gen for lyfe
User avatar #540 to #31 - sketchysketchist (09/21/2012) [-]
You sir, earned my thumb.
You're bringing your honest opinion and not being butthurt by anyone going against you.
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User avatar #214 to #31 - abovelawl ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
I got my iPhone 4 for 80 bucks and it's the best phone I have ever had. And apple is making a **** ton of money so they honestly don't a **** what you say, they aren't going to stop doing what they do so they is no point in complaining

inb4 red thumbs, I don't give a **** thumbs are pointless
User avatar #217 to #214 - abovelawl ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
don't give* a **** ...
User avatar #43 to #31 - responsibletim (09/20/2012) [-]
#523 to #31 - giveobamaquarters (09/21/2012) [-]
Why care so much? I mean honestly
#168 to #31 - anon (09/20/2012) [-]
People need to stop saying that there's no hope for humanity, and that they lost faith. There have always been stupid/annoying people and there always will be. There are so many more people that don't give a **** about the new iPhone, or just despise it, I have yet to see one comment here that actually praises it, and yet I've seen tons of comments that whine about people that like it. If you want to be cynical, fine, there's no need to whine, it doesn't make anything better
#127 to #31 - darkphoenixxx (09/20/2012) [-]
Have this :)
#53 to #31 - ckys (09/20/2012) [-]
just shut up and take my grilled chesse...
just shut up and take my grilled chesse...
#522 to #53 - anon (09/21/2012) [-]
im soo hungry for that now.
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#512 to #31 - shishkobob (09/20/2012) [-]
your butthurt amuses me
User avatar #513 to #512 - jokeface (09/20/2012) [-]
I wouldn't call it butthurt. That would imply that it's a big deal to me. No, this rant is the product of a dormant distaste for the subject in question. I'm not mad, this is just an unfortunate truth that I have learned to live with. Like the Holocaust.
#519 to #513 - shishkobob (09/21/2012) [-]
then what is this?
User avatar #520 to #519 - jokeface (09/21/2012) [-]
A hyperbole sir. An overt exaggeration for the purpose of emphasizing a point.
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User avatar #526 to #520 - shishkobob (09/21/2012) [-]
so what your telling me is that you meant it as a literary devise and not an outbursts of butthurt and anger?
User avatar #528 to #526 - jokeface (09/21/2012) [-]
More or less. Like many people, I have slight sociopathic ideologies. Mass genocide is something I consider essential in the effort to bring the world to peace. Humans are cancer. But I'm not about to bust out the shotgun and start mowing people down. I can live in an imperfect world. Doesn't mean I like it.
User avatar #532 to #528 - shishkobob (09/21/2012) [-]
I'm not saying you would literally do that. I'm just saying you said it out of anger.
User avatar #533 to #532 - jokeface (09/21/2012) [-]
Well, yea I guess this particular rant was out of anger. The video just got me a little riled up, and I never get to talk about my true feelings for Apple. But I'm not constantly walking around thinking "God I hate those Apple bastards!" or anything like that. Like I said, it's just one of those things I pocket in the back of my head and don't acknowledge often.
#36 to #31 - Giachianeo (09/20/2012) [-]
You're one of my new favorite people.

User avatar #75 to #31 - LegititmateKyle (09/20/2012) [-]
You so realize you're making a bigger deal out of this, than the people who are camping out.. right?
User avatar #124 to #75 - commiecomrade (09/20/2012) [-]
At least he didn't wait 12 hours just so he could post his comment.
User avatar #232 to #124 - LegititmateKyle (09/20/2012) [-]
No but he did waste his time angrily typing away a rant, about something that honestly shouldn't bother him this much as it isn't actually affecting him in anyway.
User avatar #490 to #232 - jokeface (09/20/2012) [-]
You do have a point. I'll give you that.
User avatar #510 to #490 - LegititmateKyle (09/20/2012) [-]
Thank you, I'm glad you aren't like most people on here and can actually listen to a little bit of reason. ^.^
#33 to #31 - anon (09/20/2012) [-]
I'm stuck in a 2 year contract with an iphone 4s, I'd love to have a samsung. 15 months to go I guess.
#165 to #31 - anon (09/20/2012) [-]
Realize that you're upset because people want a new phone and are willing to wait in line for it. So what? Apple makes great and reliable products that people find fun and easy to use, why wouldn't people want the best one even if it is only fractionally better than the previous model. You sounds like an immature 10 year old who can't understand that some people really like apple ( including the social status society gives to owning apple products).
#233 to #187 - towers (09/20/2012) [-]
Just saying...
User avatar #234 to #233 - sommerli (09/20/2012) [-]
My picture was in response of your picture
User avatar #508 to #187 - logicisdumb (09/20/2012) [-]
Honestly, if someone is going to post an image, make sure you list the competitors response to that, that picture doesn't list the S3's faster processor, S Beam, or the fact that the android market has just as many apps, most of them free.
User avatar #544 to #508 - sommerli (09/21/2012) [-]
This was made after the "It doesn't take a genius." ad. Since they didnt mention anything below -A totally different plug, so fanboys struck back
#525 to #31 - iamphoenix (09/21/2012) [-]
Calm down. At some point, Hanson was popular. Hair metal was popular. Goddamn hippies were cool. All fads pass, and a new, stupid one takes its place. Be it with technology, music, fashion or whatever else is popular. Eventually Apple won't be so popular.
User avatar #529 to #525 - jokeface (09/21/2012) [-]
I'm sure Apple will fade into the background at some point. But technology stands out among fads for the fact that it literally makes people stupider. What do I mean by that? Well, because of our increased dependence upon devices to store information and perform various functions that our brain should be able to do on it's own, younger generations are losing the ability to do those things. We have an innate presumption that we don't need to "learn" things because computers already have the information for us. As one article I read put it:

"As you have probably already noticed in your life, there is a "use it or lose it" element to your brain. For instance, we're guessing that most of you reading this haven't used your high school math skills since your cellphone started coming equipped with a calculator. And by age 22, you've probably forgotten every little bit of algebra you ever learned. Your brain is constantly rewiring itself depending on what you use it -- or don't use it -- for. That same principal of use-it-or-lose-it applies to information in the 21st century, only now instead of losing your ability to do long division, you're slowly losing the capacity to retain anything in your head. Why? Because of the search engine. Your brain is changing to accommodate the fact that everything you could make the effort to remember is readily available on the Internet inside of three seconds."
#530 to #529 - iamphoenix (09/21/2012) [-]
Cracked? On the quote I mean.
User avatar #531 to #530 - jokeface (09/21/2012) [-]
Oh, yea I forgot to add the source. My apologies.
User avatar #504 to #31 - hanroyale (09/20/2012) [-]
I think I'm gonna come back when these iPhone posts die down.

Seriously, why do you all act like you have a pickle shoved in your ass whenever you hear "iPhone" or "Apple"? You bitch, fuss and moan because some people happen to own it. Yeah the new iPhone may be the same, but what the **** are you gonna do that will change that? Let a person get what they WANT.

Thumb me down if you want, but you know some of you act like this. This comment makes a great example.
User avatar #506 to #504 - jokeface (09/20/2012) [-]
It's not the iPhone itself that pisses me off. It's the obsessive idol-worship that it's consumer base gives it. Apple has made them mental slaves, and while that doesn't affect me personally, it does mean that future generations are only going to get worse. Think about it. Half of people our age can't remember to wipe their own ass unless their phone reminds them to, and now these same people are having children, and those children are having children. iPhones are now commonplace even in elementary school classrooms. And people are so dependent on them that the human brain is devolving. We're losing memory capacity, basic mathematical skills, spelling ability, and more, and all of that intelligence is going into tiny little plastic rectangles whose primary function is just too make money. Do you know why iPhones only have one button? Because if they had more than that no one would know how to use them. Humans are getting stupider because of their obsession with technology, and Apple is the nucleus of the problem, pulling the strings of society like a puppetmaster. People like me may have a pickle up our asses, as you put it, but at least a pickle is thinner than an Apple.
#404 to #31 - anon (09/20/2012) [-]
the app store is 10x better than samsung's variant
#196 to #31 - simfar (09/20/2012) [-]
hit the nail on the head dude
User avatar #244 to #31 - huskycreeper (09/20/2012) [-]
And its idiots like you that don't appreciate anything apple does because you think it's all the same, like the people that complain about call of duty or Romney never working a day in his life, you have to own more then just an iPhone to understand, I have an iPad and an iPhone and trust me, if you have an iPad or an iPhone you will want either an iPad to go with the iPhone or vice versa but since I have an iPad I want an iPhone because an iPad and Samsung wouldn't cooperate worth **** together same since I have an iPhone I wouldn't want a google nexus tablet either, if you have owned a Samsung your whole life keep buying them, if you have owned an iPhone your whole life, keep buying appl products because they cooperate so well together.
User avatar #320 to #244 - LDBUK (09/20/2012) [-]
So basically you're buying into EVERYTHING Apples' marketing department works hard to achieve. You are a sheep, and a moron, good sir
User avatar #542 to #320 - huskycreeper (09/21/2012) [-]
Why shouldn't i? What I got was great and they sold it well, you're pretentious and can't handle the fact that apple sells good quality products.
User avatar #176 to #31 - fuckinfuckinfuck (09/20/2012) [-]
Okay, this made my ******* day.
#47 to #31 - zekromslo ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
#121 - voltkills ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
i love how it never actually says it apple, but references the **** out of it to make it obvious.
#137 to #121 - MaStaR **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #144 to #137 - voltkills ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
i also loved how everyone in the apple line was mindless and technologically dumb, just Samsung showing how most apple fans don't know two things about how a phone works.
#146 to #144 - MaStaR **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #153 to #146 - voltkills ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
i can just imaguine it,. "sir... do you think that maybe... we could give the new iphone a usb port" *long silence" "your fired jenkins, get out"
#154 to #153 - MaStaR **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#290 - roliga (09/20/2012) [-]
**** all of your new phones, I still use my razor that I got freshmen year
User avatar #335 to #290 - projecthelios (09/20/2012) [-]
sweet ass looking phone,bro.
#339 to #290 - shoryuken (09/20/2012) [-]
ahhhhhhhhhh yeah those were the **** when they first came out

my friend had one
#434 to #290 - kevlarx (09/20/2012) [-]
i had 2 and the phone itself was great. ****** battery life though
#218 - Vynce (09/20/2012) [-]
Haha, you fools having trouble choosing between the iPhone and the Galaxy S3. I'm glad that having to choose between two things is a problem I've never had, get on my level.   
I've never been able to afford a phone.
Haha, you fools having trouble choosing between the iPhone and the Galaxy S3. I'm glad that having to choose between two things is a problem I've never had, get on my level.

I've never been able to afford a phone.
#82 - Pharonix (09/20/2012) [-]
apple, you mad?
Oh you mad.
#443 - andreaskors (09/20/2012) [-]
Apple users: "IT HAS BIGGER SCREEN?!"
#56 - HighLitedHelios (09/20/2012) [-]
You know this commercial is legit when It's got the bitch from Cyber Chase.
User avatar #446 to #442 - HighLitedHelios (09/20/2012) [-]
That's the same actor that played Pierce's half-brother on the Digital Estate Planning episode of Community. And I think you're trying to tell me you like my comment?
#455 to #446 - upunkpunk (09/20/2012) [-]
It is Gus from Breaking Bad, and yes I found it hilarious.
User avatar #347 - iraniie (09/20/2012) [-]
I don't really give a **** about the iphone or the samsung but I love Samsungs creative ads
#365 - aesis (09/20/2012) [-]
All these comments like: "hurr aeple is gey lawl burn samsung is gey suc fagets hipstrs omg"

Look at it in a nonbiased way.
- Phones have essentially the same specs
- Do the same things for the most part
- You're not gonna need 200 apps for anything so who cares what apps one lacks or gains over the other
- A bigger screen is not really a selling point, especially for a mobile phone
- In the end they're just phones

I'd buy the Samsung over the Apple iPhone anyday though.
Not for any reason other than the fact it's cheaper.
Who would pay 400+ for a phone?
At the price I'd rather buy a decent laptop.
User avatar #435 to #365 - propimp (09/20/2012) [-]
Brains, this guy has em ^^
#324 - funkmasterflex (09/20/2012) [-]
- Hipsters hate all things mainstream   
- FJ hates all things mainstream (Call of Duty, Beats, Apple, Rap, Worshipping a god, etc.)   
Funnyjunk = Hipsters   
Funnyjunk hates hipsters   
Funnyjunk is a hipster hypocrite.... a Hipstocrite!   
You people make me sick.
- Hipsters hate all things mainstream
- FJ hates all things mainstream (Call of Duty, Beats, Apple, Rap, Worshipping a god, etc.)
Funnyjunk = Hipsters
Funnyjunk hates hipsters
Funnyjunk is a hipster hypocrite.... a Hipstocrite!
You people make me sick.
User avatar #495 to #324 - nexu (09/20/2012) [-]
Call of Duty
-Same thing every year
-full of annoying 12 year olds

-over priced for their quality
-pretty much everyone I see with them is a douchbag

-over priced for their quality
-I've disliked them ever since their "I'm a mac" attack ads
-re releases same products with slight modifications
-their following seems to be fanboys

-don't give a **** either way

-don't give a **** either way

Call me a hipster if you want, I don't really care

#337 to #324 - olineadi (09/20/2012) [-]
OMG I read that as (CoD, BEETS...)
and I was thinking "What in ****** name did the beets do to you, funnyjunk? Leave them alone!
#344 to #324 - anon (09/20/2012) [-]
being an atheist is not being a hipster seeing as it's only in the USA god is mainstream, so **** you.
#428 to #344 - kevlarx (09/20/2012) [-]
not really only in america, seeing as most of the world worships some form of deity
User avatar #390 to #344 - thepartygod ONLINE (09/20/2012) [-]
get out of here atheist anon. You're butthurt, we get it.
#325 to #324 - anon (09/20/2012) [-]
#328 to #324 - vvhoozy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #329 to #328 - funkmasterflex (09/20/2012) [-]
The majority of the world's population does it.....
#331 to #329 - vvhoozy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #330 to #324 - lorddarkskull (09/20/2012) [-]
the first rule of being a hipster is to hate everything mainstream, the second rule is to hate other hipsters and not consider yourself one.
User avatar #370 to #324 - hagletrough (09/20/2012) [-]
No we don't hate Beats, Call of Duty, and Apple because they're mainstream, we hate them because they ******* suck.
User avatar #341 to #324 - jibb (09/20/2012) [-]
You are not a hipster because you hate apple.
Nor are you a hipster for liking androids.
User avatar #333 to #324 - zenberg (09/20/2012) [-]
Being a hipster itself is becoming mainstream
#366 - divinedpk (09/20/2012) [-]
you are witnessing the company apple slowly die off
correct me if im wrong but
Computers are made good but lack features the PC has so they are not made as much
Ipad gets ton of **** because its the ipod touch on a larger scale(not that innovative)
and now the ipod touch which is really all they had is now dying because of phones like the Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry, etc.

i know this is a bit drastic but somewhat true
User avatar #405 to #366 - ICEDgrunge (09/20/2012) [-]
Apple is from what I've seen 700$ per stock. I see no dying there, regardless of how much better things are than apple products as you say, Apple is making over 9 million Iphone 5's this year to sell in America, I don't know how much the phones actually will be but I know the plan for Verizon and the insurance included will be over 100$ alone, so I would say when things like this are marketed, the company is nowhere close to dying off.
User avatar #319 - marcymami (09/20/2012) [-]
No matter how anyone puts it.. you just voluntarily watched a longer-than-normal length commercial.
#297 - markeywo (09/20/2012) [-]
Why the **** have you just shown me an advert? You think not following the trend makes you more elite? Seriously, it's just a phone.
#311 to #297 - olineadi (09/20/2012) [-]
According to numbers from 07-23-2012 Samsung has sold about 10 million Galaxy S3 phones.
So he is just following another trend.
#310 to #297 - intrepidy (09/20/2012) [-]
It's making fun of people, which is funny. 90% of humor is making fun of you or someone else.
#22 - hetreks (09/20/2012) [-]
how it feels to chew 5 gum, i mean to burn apple.
how it feels to chew 5 gum, i mean to burn apple.
#229 to #22 - GoodGood (09/20/2012) [-]
he never exhales.
he never exhales.
#338 to #229 - Konigsteiger (09/20/2012) [-]
The tobacco container disappears
The tobacco container disappears
User avatar #2 - myrtille ONLINE (09/19/2012) [-]
oh god i love samsung commercials.
#152 - abachonk (09/20/2012) [-]
I love you samsung, and I'll let you finish.


With inalambric charger and **** .
#378 - mrfourtysevenman (09/20/2012) [-]
the only youtube commercial i didnt skip.
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