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Seems suspiciou-liscious.


Ever noticed how Alex Clare's hit "Too Close" sounds a little too familiar? That's because the main hook is nearly a note-for-note copy of Caspa's remix of "I Remember" by deadmau5 and Kaskade from 2009.

They sound pretty good mixed together, though.

Buy Alex Clare's album on iTunes: http: //bit. ly/LlZapW
Buy Caspa's remix of "I Remember" on iTunes: http: //bit. ly/aw4mhW

Get the mashup here: http: //bit. ly/OdEy4t
Download more DJ mixes here: http: //thegamesoup. com/mixes
Twitter: http: //twitter. com/djblewis

Tags: dub step
Views: 1863 Submitted: 09/17/2012