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#41 - stubbyftw (09/11/2012) [-]
******* glorious.
#35 - thamuz (09/11/2012) [-]
The song.   
And perhaps my own assassin.
The song.

And perhaps my own assassin.
#53 to #35 - digitaldavinci (09/11/2012) [-]
Here have a pet assassin. If you take good care of it then you can have a human assassin one day.
User avatar #14 - safgj (09/10/2012) [-]
I would like to see the cops catch him on foot.
#12 - griphingly (09/10/2012) [-]
I waited for him to stab a stranger. What has become of me?
#5 - frozencrown (09/10/2012) [-]
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User avatar #23 to #5 - tastycrisps (09/11/2012) [-]
That has to be the most fun water slide EVER
#15 - smokedmeatlog (09/10/2012) [-]
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This is my favorite game series, just wondering how many others agree.

pic related, my background
User avatar #51 to #15 - digitaldavinci (09/11/2012) [-]
please for the love of Ezio post that background without the UI
#63 to #51 - smokedmeatlog (09/11/2012) [-]
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here you go my good sir
User avatar #65 to #63 - digitaldavinci (09/11/2012) [-]
thank you, stay golden
#68 to #65 - smokedmeatlog (09/11/2012) [-]
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get it? its ponyboy
User avatar #42 to #15 - drewsky (09/11/2012) [-]
I would thumb you up, but you're using a Mac.
User avatar #47 to #42 - smokedmeatlog (09/11/2012) [-]
how did i know someone was going to say that, get over yourself. pc's aren't better than macs, they each have their unique ups and downs.
User avatar #50 to #47 - drewsky (09/11/2012) [-]
PC's are better than Macs because they are about half the cost for superior performance. How much did your Mac cost you? My PC cost me 800 dollars and I run Battlefield 3 on ultra at 60 fps.
User avatar #52 to #50 - smokedmeatlog (09/11/2012) [-]
i won it in a contest, and im not much of a computer gamer. thats the only thing that funnyjunkers use against macs. the fact of the matter is mac are better for the working world which is way more important than games.
#56 to #52 - keroberios (09/11/2012) [-]
Using PC. "Hmm, perhaps I should upgrade my RAM, perhaps get a new CPU while I'm at it. Put a little more power in this beast." So, I buy a new RAM and CPU. While I'm in the store I see a sale for webcams and get a new one of those too. instal it myself, like new by that afternoon.
Using Mac. "Hmm, I could use a little bit more RAM, perhaps get a better CPU while I'm at it." So I buy a new computer and dump the old one because I'm a moron.
And that is why a PC is better than a Mac.
User avatar #55 to #52 - drewsky (09/11/2012) [-]
Mac is better for the working world? Why? They cost more money, meaning they're more of a deficit to companies that need computers for work. Macs are ridiculously linear in comparison to PC's. In the IT world, no one will use Macs, simply because it's not open enough. Industries that use Macs are spending more than they should for computer workstations, PC's are more cost effective. Congrats on winning the contest, though, I've never been able to win anything like that.
User avatar #62 to #55 - smokedmeatlog (09/11/2012) [-]
basically the only thing you said in that rant is macs are more expensive which you already said.

macs have a new touch technology on the track pad so you can pinch, rotate, swivel and swipe to scroll or edit pictures. presentation is also another good thing that macs have over PCs. macs Keynote program allow the user to present Hollywood-quality presentations quickly and easily. Mac’s iMovie application allows the you to create movies, and short videos. the Exhibit presenter allows you to "insert connotations, zoom and magnify, and to make your presentation more professional." (according to the guide). another thing is that it is much more secure. there are like hundreds of thousands of viruses for PCs and a small fraction for macs.

and im sorry that you've never been able to win anything like i have, but i do wish i had your sense of sarcasm.
User avatar #64 to #62 - drewsky (09/11/2012) [-]
They aren't better for the working world was the point I was trying to get across to you. They're better for presentations and the like, but in IT, as I've previously stated, Macs are next to useless. I'm using IT as an example because that's where big businesses are headed. Macs just look good; they aren't anything special. To top it all off, Apple is the greediest corporation out there. They sued Samsung because Samsung 'copied' their design, they tried to patent touch screen technology, even though Microsoft had developed it years before. Apple just takes things from other tech companies and dumbs it down so much that a 4 year old can use it without problems; I'm 20 years old, I don't like that. So yes, PC's are better than Macs.
User avatar #66 to #64 - smokedmeatlog (09/11/2012) [-]
well i have to go to bed so im not going to continue this conversation till midnight which i have done before. lets just agree to disagree.
User avatar #67 to #66 - drewsky (09/11/2012) [-]
Indeed, have a good night's rest, sir.
User avatar #69 to #67 - smokedmeatlog (09/11/2012) [-]
thank you and you too
User avatar #13 - renier (09/10/2012) [-]
I'm calling ******** . At 0:57 he is clearly climbing a tree.
User avatar #16 to #13 - smokedmeatlog (09/10/2012) [-]
in the new one i think you can
#2 - colehaffner (09/10/2012) [-]
suddenly i want to practice free running and buy an AC outfit
User avatar #3 to #2 - cjgnh (09/10/2012) [-]
i had the same reaction lol
#61 - mrswagly (09/11/2012) [-]
All that for a feather?!
All that for a feather?!
User avatar #38 - SteyrAUG (09/11/2012) [-]
0:24 all I wanted to do was walk down the stairs but nooooooooo...

#34 - lifeoutsidefb (09/11/2012) [-]
He's the hero Gotham deserves.
#39 to #34 - cjgnh (09/11/2012) [-]
for you op.
#33 - memenoob ONLINE (09/11/2012) [-]
I will learn free running AND parkour for the sake of doing this.
#36 to #33 - anon (09/11/2012) [-]
-1.. gonna learn driving and driving while your at it?
User avatar #46 to #36 - kazumamikura (09/11/2012) [-]
Silly anon, they are two different things
#44 to #36 - memenoob ONLINE (09/11/2012) [-]
Free running and parkour are two different things.
#32 - anon (09/11/2012) [-]
why isn't he assassinating anybody
User avatar #49 to #32 - kazumamikura (09/11/2012) [-]
Assassins don't kill the innocent
User avatar #30 - mcpatmat ONLINE (09/11/2012) [-]

this was right before this post. I found it quite fitting
#28 - azraelthemage (09/11/2012) [-]
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#22 - suckmyrichard **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#10 - Rellikthebrit (09/10/2012) [-]
what i now want to do.
#54 - anon (09/11/2012) [-]
If this isn't AC3,Then how did he climb a tree?
User avatar #43 - dustyshane (09/11/2012) [-]
These videos are always good and all, but, I just wish they would have a modern looking Assassin's outfit, rather than Ezio/ Altair costume.

I would really like to actually a live action fight between people dressed as modern templars and assassin's with some free running involved.
User avatar #40 - drewsky (09/11/2012) [-]
This is why I wanted to get into parkour. I need to be in much better shape, though.
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