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Plant Plays Dead When You Tickle It


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Tickle this plant and it moves. AMAZING and FUN - TickleMe Plant™ quickly closes its leaves; even its branches will move down when tickled. TickleMe Plants also appear to sleep at night by closing up their leaves. A fascinating experience that any child would benefit from. It promotes an excitement about gardening and a sensitivity towards plants! Never to be forgotten!
The seeds can sprout in a matter of days and within a month will move when tickled! Adult TickleMe Plants can produce pink flowers. Makes a great year round houseplant. Grows indoors any time of the year. YES, even in WINTER!

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#2 - anon
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Getting one for my girlfriend a teacher. Maybe I will give them out at Halloween as the real Tickleme Plants vs Zombies. Does anyone have a coupon code? I heard some sites give FREE seeds with orders
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