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We're on this adventure together

mp3: You need to login to view this link - A musical celebration of the importance and inspirational qualities of space exploration (human and robotic), as well as a look at some of the amazing worlds in our solar system. Featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, and Carolyn Porco.

Whether you are religious or not, you must realize the beauty of the universe we inhabit. I hope someday we can all coexist and work together to learn about and explore our vast and awe-inspiring home.

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Submitted: 08/26/2012
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I decided to start watching these after hearing about the death of Neil Armstrong, I remembered these videos and, knowing that some had been posted before, decided to post it again. Why? Not for thumbs, or for attention, but because it is inspiring, it gets people motivated and thinking about the world we inhabit. If me posting this video on this site accomplishes at least one of those things than I will have done accomplished what I set out to do.
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