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watch the whole thing very interesting


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THE BLACK VAULT'S QUEST FOR THE TRUTH, with John Greenewald, Jr. For nearly 9 years, John Greenewald, Jr. has been exploring the archives of the U.S. Government for undeniable proof of the UFO Phenomenon. In those nine years, he has created the largest online archive anywhere in the world. Join John as he sifts through the mounds of Government documents and see the most fascinating results... undeniable proof the Government is actively involved in UFO research. See the documents, the correspondence and the blatant lies that were presented by the U.S. Government. He will also discuss the future of The Black Vault, and its current success producing documentaries for The History Channel, The Black Vault Television Series, The Black Vault Radio Network, and much more!

Lost Arts Media

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#1 - uncalledforgiraffe
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(08/19/2012) [-]
lol ***** you serious?
#2 to #1 - titsorgethefuckout [OP]
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(08/19/2012) [-]
im dead serious man, its a conspiracy man all of it!!