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DayZ troll


Link to the second DayZ - Scaring People video!

The Balota Airstrip appears to be haunted to some people and it causes fear in many of the players.
You are about to watch something brand new that (we hope) you will enjoy.

Teaser Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=USf9VwXZ_Q8&feature=plcp

How we do this is through a program that allows us to play sounds as if it were played directly through our microphones. Using that plus combined with the directional Direct Chat of ARMA, adds a unique and sometimes eerie or creepy experience to some players and has caused many to run, hide, and even disconnect.

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-The Best Buds Gaming Group

Sounds to listen for:
Predator Sound
The Hidden - Turn Around
The Hidden - I see you
The Hidden - I'm coming for you
Girl Scream
Silent Hill Siren Alarm

Views: 1416 Submitted: 08/12/2012