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Woman's Tap Water is Flammable in PA


Pennsylvania Woman's tap water is flammable as she blames nearby fracking, Sherry Vargson lights a match and sets fire to water as it comes out of the faucet.

The water has become flammable because of increased methane levels in the surrounding rock in Granville Township, Pennsylvania, which Vargson and the 'Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition' claims is because of the controversial mining process.

Hydraulic fracturing, which is popularly known as 'fracking' is the process by which natural gas is extracted by using water, sand and toxic chemicals injected at high pressure into oil of methane gas deposits to fracture the rock above and release the liquid or gas below. While Pennsylvania regulators did fine the Chesapeake energy Corp $900,000 for contaminating the water supplies of 16 homes in Bradford County with methane, there has been no conclusive evidence that fracking was to blame.

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