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Does It Russel Your Jimmies

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August 22, 2001 - As if the promise of Mario Kart on GameCube weren't enough, Nintendo's most beloved second-party, Rare, is diligently working on a new racing game featuring franchise characters. Donkey Kong Racing is Rare's new 3D racer, which takes place in the heart of various jungle locals based on the Donkey Kong world. Nintendo surprised everyone by showcasing a brief pre-rendered clip of the new DKR at GameCube's unveiling. The short video snippet demonstrated Rare's vision for a lush tropical world, crawling with animals -- your vehicles -- of every kind.


* Choose to play as one of your favorite monkeys: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong and more
* Saddle up and brave the tropical landscape with a rhino, piranha, or ostrich in high-action races
* Take to the sky, sea, or land for numerous amounts of strategic routes
* Ride through blooming jungle scenery, teeming with wildlife of all kinds
* Turn you animal(s) of choice into true thoroughbreds by collecting food and prizes during races
* Hear a fully orchestrated soundtrack and pristine sound effects in Dolby Surround
* Experience "real-world phenomena" such as fading sunlight, shifting shadows, swaying trees, etc
* One to four players
* Available in 2002 [...]

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